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How much is that pet plant in the window?

I hadn’t realised that there was research on creating interactive pet plants that are able to display emotions! From the description of “My Green Pet” (Hwang et al. 2010): “The difficulty that children have in perceiving plants as living entities…


Balloon Kebab!

What did I do at work today? Shuttled DNA into bacteria. Dipped arabidopsis plants into bacteria. Meeting. Another meeting. Another meeting.  Oh, and I made a balloon kebab! Why did I make one?  Because I can! Just kidding. Because we…


I bet plants look good on the dancefloor

Plants don’t do much all day except sitting around and photosynthesising.Right? Wrong!! Plants move constantly, but much slower than animals. Therefore they manage to trick us by pretending to be really boring. But if you put up a hidden camera,…