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Faces of Plant Cell Biology: Dr Christine Faulkner

Dr Christine Faulkner

Dr Christine Faulkner, project leader at the John Innes Centre, talks about plasmodesmata, her career and the highs and lows of science.    1) What is your research about? My research investigates how plant cells communicate with each other, especially…


How I became a plant cell biologist

Leaf with cells

This is a transcript of my three minute presentation at Science Oxford’s closing down event  ‘Science Oxford versus the Rest of the World’. I drew the images with the iPad app ‘Paper by Fifty Three‘. Hello. I am a plant…


The Highlights of Organellewars: Ribosomes


The dust has settled. All candidates have given their speeches, distributed flyers and bribes baked goods. The votes have been cast and Mr Graba has announced  the winners. I am talking about the first organelle presidential campaign on Twitter, or short…