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Highlights of #Organellewars: Lysosomes


This is the fourth part of the #organellewars round-up. Read up on the background here, if you missed it! Lysosome4The Win http://storify.com/Lysosome4TheWin/lysosomes-organelle-wars-2012 VoteForLysosome  http://storify.com/VoteForLysosome/lysosomes-a-little-big-deal Lysosomes2012 http://storify.com/Lysosomes2012/lysosomes-2012      


The Highlights of Organellewars: Ribosomes


The dust has settled. All candidates have given their speeches, distributed flyers and bribes baked goods. The votes have been cast and Mr Graba has announced  the winners. I am talking about the first organelle presidential campaign on Twitter, or short…


Pretty colours

Golgi bodies, endoplasmic reticulum and stomata.

This article is part of a series of blog posts written by students from Didcot Girls’ School. All posts can be found under the category STEM Club.  We really enjoyed our time at Brookes University. It was a fascinating experience and…


So you want to do a science communication project?

Yesterday I participated as facilitator in the Science Communication Training Day 2012 for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, which was organised by the Biochemical Society, Society of Experimental Biology and British Ecological Society. It was a brilliant day and Antonia Desmond wrote a…