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Happy Fascination of Plants Day!

Today is the first ever Fascination of Plants Day and I am very excited, as my Twitter friends will be able to testify (tweet ALL the plants!). All over the world there will be plant-related activities today, in Botanic Gardens,…


Balloon Kebab!

What did I do at work today? Shuttled DNA into bacteria. Dipped arabidopsis plants into bacteria. Meeting. Another meeting. Another meeting.  Oh, and I made a balloon kebab! Why did I make one?  Because I can! Just kidding. Because we…


10 signs you might be a plant scientist

How many of these sound familiar? 1)   When you open a new review about a conserved eukaryotic protein family, you first perform a whole document search for “plant” and “arabidopsis”. 2)   People assume that you know the name of every…