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Biotechnology YES – an entrepreneurial adventure

Guest blogger Charlotte Carroll writes about her experience with ‘Biotechnology YES’, an entrepreneurial training programme for biology PhD students. Charlotte tweets at @_CharlotteCC_.  In June I received an email regarding a competition known as Biotechnology YES. I deleted it. It wasn’t…


Faces of Plant Science: Prof John Bryant

Check out “Functional Biology of Plants”, co-authored by John Bryant and Martin Hodson, on Facebook for current plant science news and discussions.  1) What is your research about?  I have now retired but when still doing research, I studied DNA…


I bet plants look good on the dancefloor

Plants don’t do much all day except sitting around and photosynthesising.Right? Wrong!! Plants move constantly, but much slower than animals. Therefore they manage to trick us by pretending to be really boring. But if you put up a hidden camera,…