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Merry Christmas!

It’s the 24th December and the advent calendar has come to an end. I hope that you enjoyed it. I will be back in January to blog about plants, cells and science. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and an…


Growing in a Mini Wonderland

Terrariums are miniature low-maintenance gardens growing in glass containers of all shapes and sizes. Ideal for plant lovers with not much time, space and/or with overflowing creativity. A very easy project and a completely different Christmas decoration is this terrarium…


When You Wish Upon a Star Anise

What spice represents Christmas for you? Ginger (Zingiber officinale) because of its importance in the international gingerbread house construction industry? Cinnamon, the dried bark of the Sri Lanka tree Cinnamomum verum, as an essential ingredient for Christmas candles, cookies and…


The Amazing Ultrastructure of Snowflakes


They say that no two snowflakes are alike. But all of them share one thing: They are beautiful at any level of magnification. The Electron and Confocal Microscopy Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, showcases tons of…


How to clone your Christmas Cactus

Today I am going to explain how you can clone your Christmas cactus. “But Dr O”, you might ask, “don’t we need a fully equipped laboratory and a set of pipettes and a lot of other expensive biotechnology stuff to…


The Science of Christmas Trees Part 2

There has been quite a high interest in the science of Christmas trees, and therefore I decided to dedicate another post to this season’s VIP (Very Important Plant). To start with some proper Botany, take a look at this very…