Our music videos

“Sweet Home Apparatus” and “If You Move I Will Follow”

I put together the Golgi video and the Organelle Love Song from scientific microscopy movies created by the Oxford Brookes Plant Cell Biology Group and music composed by the musicians Professor Science (“Sweet Home Apparatus”) and Cyrus Mower (“If You Move I Will Follow”).

The Vacuole Song

This video is a collaboration between plant cell biologists at Oxford Brookes University, the University of Warwick and the musician Cyrus Mower. We love plant organelles and we want to share our passion with the world!

The Vacuole Song – lyrics and chords

“Power Pack”

We are back! This time we put the spotlight on everyone’s favourite mean lean ATP-production machine: The mitochondria. Movies in this video show mitochondria and other organelles in plant cells made visible with fluorescent proteins. Thanks to Cyrus MowerDr Lorenzo Frigerio and Charlotte Carroll, Dr David LoganDr Dave Blum and Dr Markus Schwarzlaender.

Golgi Lullaby

Dancing fluorescent Golgi bodies in tobacco leaf cells, visualised with confocal laser scanning microscopy. Plant Golgi bodies move through the cell along the actin cytoskeleton. We are able to see them with a light microscope with the help of green fluorescent protein (GFP). We then edited the movies in Adobe Premiere to add the rainbow hue-change effect. We like to think they might do this in reality too. Music by Dr Lorenzo Frigerio.


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