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Highlights of #Organellewars: Lysosomes


This is the fourth part of the #organellewars round-up. Read up on the background here, if you missed it! Lysosome4The Win VoteForLysosome Lysosomes2012      


How big is your potato?

Dr Ali Roberts emailed me a great link: How big is your potato? After calibrating the scale on your screen with a credit card you can drag the size of the virtual potato to resemble the size of your real potato.…


Amazing succulent cupcakes

Aren’t these the most amazing cupcakes ever? Seton Hurson Rossini from Pixel Whisk has posted a complete tutorial on how to make this incredibly realistic succulent plant cupcakes. I am in complete awe of her baking skills. Looks like the…


Balloon Kebab!

What did I do at work today? Shuttled DNA into bacteria. Dipped arabidopsis plants into bacteria. Meeting. Another meeting. Another meeting.  Oh, and I made a balloon kebab! Why did I make one?  Because I can! Just kidding. Because we…


10 signs you might be a plant scientist

How many of these sound familiar? 1)   When you open a new review about a conserved eukaryotic protein family, you first perform a whole document search for “plant” and “arabidopsis”. 2)   People assume that you know the name of every…


Merry Christmas!

It’s the 24th December and the advent calendar has come to an end. I hope that you enjoyed it. I will be back in January to blog about plants, cells and science. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and an…