Author: Anne

How much is that pet plant in the window?

I hadn’t realised that there was research on creating interactive pet plants that are able to display emotions! From the description of “My Green Pet” (Hwang et al. 2010): “The difficulty that children have in perceiving plants as living entities…


How does this post make you feel?

How do you feel after you have read a blog post on this website? Amused? Angry? Bored? Now you can let everyone know and see what others voted! I have installed a WordPress plugin called “MoodThingy” which adds a bar…


Balloon Kebab!

What did I do at work today? Shuttled DNA into bacteria. Dipped arabidopsis plants into bacteria. Meeting. Another meeting. Another meeting.  Oh, and I made a balloon kebab! Why did I make one?  Because I can! Just kidding. Because we…