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Biotechnology YES – an entrepreneurial adventure

The Warwick Biotechnology YES team.

Guest blogger Charlotte Carroll writes about her experience with ‘Biotechnology YES’, an entrepreneurial training programme for biology PhD students. Charlotte tweets at @_CharlotteCC_.  In June I received an email regarding a competition known as Biotechnology YES. I deleted it. It wasn’t…


How I became a plant cell biologist

Leaf with cells

This is a transcript of my three minute presentation at Science Oxford’s closing down event  ‘Science Oxford versus the Rest of the World’. I drew the images with the iPad app ‘Paper by Fifty Three‘. Hello. I am a plant…


Of blogging apps and plant memes


In other news, there is a new plant Tumblr on the block: The Annals of Botany ‘Understorey tumblr, which features short, entertaining and funny plant bits. For this I have been thinking about plant memes. So far I only managed…


Highlights of #Organellewars: Lysosomes


This is the fourth part of the #organellewars round-up. Read up on the background here, if you missed it! Lysosome4The Win VoteForLysosome Lysosomes2012      


Highlights of Organellewars: The Endoplasmic Reticulum


This is the third part of the #organellewars round-up. Read up on the background here, if you missed it! Reticulum Rocks (@Reticulum_Rocks) EndoRetic (@EndoRetic) EndoReticulum (@EndoReticulum)    


Highlights of Organellewars: The Nucleus


This is the second part of the #organellewars round-up. Read up on the background here, if you missed it! NuCleanNucleus2012 (@NuCleanNucleus) Nucleus Cellsmarts (@cell_smarts) Nucleus 2012  


The Highlights of Organellewars: Ribosomes


The dust has settled. All candidates have given their speeches, distributed flyers and bribes baked goods. The votes have been cast and Mr Graba has announced  the winners. I am talking about the first organelle presidential campaign on Twitter, or short…