Connect with plant scientists on social networking sites

Did you know that an increasing number of plant scientists is using social media websites to chat about their research? Most of them would be delighted to connect and discuss their work with non-experts. So don’t be shy and press that ‘follow’ button!

Twitter Bird with Flower by Xenia


Use the hashtag #plantsci to find out about the latest plant research and to discuss current topics. This hashtag is also monitored by Sense about Science, who puts questions forward to a Plant Science Expert Panel (of which I am a member too). I am also keeping a list of plant scientists on Twitter, which by now has over 150 members.


There is now an active ‘Plant Science’ community on Google+, which has over 90 members.


Here is a list of plant-related Facebook pages which I am following. I am sure though that there are more awesome plant pages out there which I dont know yet.

…and of course my own page!


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