The Highlights of Organellewars: Ribosomes

The dust has settled. All candidates have given their speeches, distributed flyers and bribes baked goods. The votes have been cast and Mr Graba has announced  the winners. I am talking about the first organelle presidential campaign on Twitter, or short #organellewars. If you missed the buzz about it, you can read the background of this spontaneous social media public engagement project:

  • On my blog here.
  • on Dr John Runion’s blog here, including a recording of his weekly ‘Dr Molecule’ show at BBC Radio Oxford where he talked about Organellewars.
  • On Biochembelle’s blog here.
  • Robin Heyden describes #organellewars as ‘network effect case study’ here.
  • …and of course Mr Graba himself has summarised the whole experience from his and the kids’ view here.
We thought that all the organelle tweets were too good to just disappear into internet nirvana. So we asked the kids to storify the highlights of Organellewars. is a website  which allows you to drag selected tweets into a timeline, add your own comments and publish it as stand-alone story. This way they are not only archived, but also easily accessible to others – and (sometimes) make more sense, as put into a bigger context. Mr Graba has sent me all Storify links and I am going to feature a different organelle every day. In no particular order, I need to emphasise! It is worth mentioning that while this particular classroom project has ended, other teachers have picked up the idea and #organellewarsis still very much alive and rocking. So if you are a tweeting plant cell biologist or interested in organelles, have a peek and maybe join in the smear campaigning!
Enough talk, the first organelle to be featured is: THE RIBOSOME! Enjoy.

Bob the Ribosome (@ribosomesyaa)

Ribosomes4life (@ribosomes4life)




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