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  1. July 13, 2012 at 16:19

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your experience. We need more experimentation in science education. Your idea of making outreach appeal to the researcher’s self interest as well as the students’ is excellent. I’m working on a series of blog posts dealing with my experiences teaching at Princeton..

  2. Mateus Mondin
    July 14, 2012 at 02:07


    I’d like to be young again to participate. As I wrote earlier, I had my first experience on a microscope even very young. I know how important it was to my career.
    Hopefully, in the future I could start something like this for young students from Brazil. It’s hard, because we are always busy with “high priority things”. On the other hand, I wished that someone came to my school for to do a scientific club, then I cannot leave this guys waiting as I waited!
    In fact my University has a Program called Pre-Scientific Initiation (http://www.usp.br/prp/pagina.php?menu=4&pagina=27 – but, unfortunatelly, only in Portuguese) to bring good students to university to work in the labs and they received a scholarship, about 100 pounds per month to help them. We need remember Brazil has many, serveral, a lot of social problem and a bankrupt public educational system and the government are not interested to change this, they prefer to keep the poverty ‘undercontrol’ to maintain their power and corruption system. And it was a manner of the university to try to change something. However, one of the problem of this program is: we cannot select the best students! Then, sometimes you bring problems to your lab and need handle they, more than does contributions to stimulate a scientific thinking on the students. Because this I am not engaged on it so far.
    Another point is: several students comes for the money not for education!
    Another point is: the students need be involved by six months or more! It’s not funny! It’s a real job!
    My philosophy is more related to yours! So I need do by myself and further others can join me!
    Sorry my long commentary, but only trying to share some experiences below the equator.
    I wish to see in the future some Emilia’s paper!
    All the best and congratulations again!


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