Crash Course on using cocktail sticks

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Personally the highlight of our trip was watching Gracy shuffling/tripping around in an ankle-length labcoat which was originally designed for normal-sized people. Until Gracy decided it was time to get geared up for science and look like a nerd (and vaguely ridiculous). Laura on the other hand looked classy and professional until, that is, she started laughing at Gracy in her over-sized labcoat; she also had better gloves (they were purple and matched the glowing Golgi)!

Oh yeah, and in the background we were using cocktail sticks to plant miniscule Arabidopsis seeds in agar jelly. After failing to name our team BIOHAZARDS, we resorted to labels for inspiration. Failing on this front we called ourselves INNOVATION, a weird generic name that we felt was horrific but suited us perfectly!

After diverting our minds away from our team name we were instructed to place 20 seeds in the agar jelly across two straight lines. It was a very educational, eventful and most importantly amusing day!



 Image of Chloroplasts and Golgi Bodies in a tobacco plant taken with £250000 microscopes.

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