Hello. I am a regular person!

This morning I stumbled across this delightful website (via Esther Wojcicki): “Drawings of Scientists“. For this project, 7th graders prepared drawings of scientists together with a description of how they imagined a scientist to be like.

Then they visited FermiLab where they got the chance to meet and talk to “real” scientists.

After that, they put their thoughts on paper to produce a “before” and “after” image series.

Seeing these drawings did not only make me laugh but also made me happy. It was great to see how the childrens’ perception of scientists changed from a man with glasses and crazy hair in a white lab coat to a “normal” person, who has a life outside of the lab and hobbies just like everyone else.

What about me? One of my favourite hobbies is photography – such as taking pictures of plants which are taller than myself.


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