Heartfelt presents for organ lovers (…and I don’t mean the musical instrument)

I am a big Etsy addict and could spend hours browsing the Treasury or bead suppliers. But most of all, I love discovering unique and unusual shops – just like “your friendly neighbourhood organ grinder“!


A little Worm in some Brain Matter, talking up home in this little jar.

Surely the only thing missing on your mantlepiece is this charming little Brain Invader Worm in its own little jar.


This plant cell has the central vacuole, mitochondrion, chloroplasts, nucleus, Golgi body, endoplasmic reticulum and vesicles.

If you prefer something more visually appealing, maybe this embroidered plant cell suits your taste better. It contains all the important small organs (or organelles) it needs to function properly.


Or how about a plant cell brooch? Can you identify all the organelles in this one?


I saved the most horrible thing for last – the Teratoma Tumor.  As its description specifies: “A Teratoma is a tumor that collects cells from around the body. It grows hair, fingernails, teeth, as well as has other notable bodily cells, and some Teratomas even have limbs and eyes.” Don’t do a Google image search for this when you are eating!

Check out “your organ grinder” for more slightly mad anatomy goodness.


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