Faces of Plant Cell Biology: Prof Pat Heslop-Harrison

Welcome to today’s installment of “Faces of Plant Cell Biology”! When I sent my five questions to Prof Pat Heslop-Harrison from the University of Leicester, I got something completely unexpected and utterly brilliant back: A full video interview in a virtual studio with its own talk show host!

I immensely enjoyed watching Pat talking about his research and his advice for students and I hope that you will too. To me, this is the perfect example of how blogs and social media can be used in a fun and effective way to bring your science to a wider audience.

Now, which room could I use to convert into my own virtual studio?!

You can find more details about Pat’s research at www.molcyt.com and his general writings and videoblogs at www.AoBBlog.com and on the pathh1 Youtube channel.

Pat explains in this video how he set up his virtual studio and how he uses it to produce video blog entries. Are you already feeling inspired?

This post is part of the new series “Faces of Plant Cell Biology”. In this series I am going to post answers of plant cell biologists at all stages of their career to a set of five questions. For obvious reasons I expect this to at first feature researchers which I know quite well, simply because I hope that they will be more willing to complete the questionnaire! However, by no means this should indicate an order of importance and I am very keen to feature as many researchers as possible. If you are a plant cell biologist and would like to to see your answers here, please email me at anne@plantcellbiology.com


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