Expedition into Cellular Landscapes

Have you ever wondered how things might look like inside your body, inside every tiny cell? Check out these stunning photo-realistic and interactive rendered “Cellular Landscapes” by Cell Signaling Technology. The image above shows the cellular landscape around a mitochondrion, which is also known as the “power station” of the cell because it produces energy. In the background you see the cytoskeleton, the cell’s “railway tracks”, transport vesicles and a lot of other important cell components.

You can explore the cellular landscape in two ways: move your mouse over the image to find out more about individual structures and proteins, or  select a specific pathway from a drop-down menu, such as the electron transport chain, and its components will be highlighted in the image.

You can also explore the nuclear landscape and find out more about transport pathways or structural proteins. What a fantastic website!


I thought of suggesting background music for blog posts that don’t come with a scientific song – try listening to this while exploring the Cellular Landscapes!


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