Cell-o-ween: wear something different for Halloween!

Halloween is approaching quickly and if you don’t have a costume yet and love science, why not come up with something completely different? Here are some ideas:

1) Green fluorescent protein

Green fluorescent protein (or short, GFP) glows brightly in the dark. Use neon green A0 cardboard to create a tube and cut out holes for your arms. Or, for a more advanced version, get some glow-in-the-dark spray paint to enhance your outfit. Then take a torch or laser pointer, shine it on yourself, jump up and down and shout: “I am so excited!”

2) Actin cytoskeleton

Actin cytoskeleton

Microfilament (actin cytoskeleton) of mouse embryo fibroblasts, stained with FITC-phalloidin (100-fold magnification.) By y tambe.

The cytoskeleton represents tracks in the cell’s railway system. Empty out a few spaghetti bags and use tape to attach the spaghetti to your body, arms and legs to represent actin fibers. Walk around awkwardly.

(This video made me LAUGH!!!)

3) Golgi apparatus

Catch Game

Use a Velcro Catch Game creatively to simulate Golgi cisternae and vesicles. Add a bubble wand to spread vesicles all around you (or bubble gun for extra coolness – think SUPERGOLGI).

5) Apoptosis

Apoptosis means programmed cell death, a process in which the cell destroys itself during development or disease. Dress up as Grim Reaper and attach images of cells and an electronic timer to your body. When the alarm goes off, it’s time for your most dramatic performance of cell death!

Have a great Halloween and if you do dress up science-y, please post a picture!


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