Cuddle a cell (the structural and functional unit of an organism, not your phone)

Deep in my heart I am hoping for a future in which Ebola, Salmonella and Rabies will be readily available in every toy store.

Of course I am assuming that by now everyone has heard of the giant plush microbes and that the above statement isn’t nearly as shocking as I hoped it would be.

(By the way, I hadn’t seen these Christmas Microbe Tree Ornaments until writing this post. Get a bunch of them now and be all smug about having sorted out your christmas presents in May!).

There is however a distinct lack of plush plant and animal cells in the stuffed toy market and if you wish to take your love for cell biology to a more physical level, you will have to resort to making your own cuddly cell.

Instructables user ChrysN has provided a lovely tutorial in which she shows you step by step how to sew a felt plush cell. I am sure that it wouldn’t be hard to modify this model a bit and convert it into a plush plant cell.

If you need more inspiration or would like to go free-style and come up with your own cuddly plant cell, take a look at these two craft projects:

This plush plant cell was designed by user kahluita from the forum and can actually be folded together into a cube.

Etsy user LittleElk designed this pillow-like flannel plant cell, which unfortunately isn’t available anymore (I told you that there was a lack of buying options for cuddly cells).

There you go, plenty of inspiration to get creative and put together your uniqe and perfect bedtime companion!


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